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Dev Blog: SA Rally Evolution 2 Launches

Today is a great day, with the new "Evo 2" SA Rally design launching.

With the new site launching in February 2008, many problems were seen with the original layout. From this point onwards, considerable additional research was undertaken over the past 2-3 months, with hundreds of hours spent investigating excellent web design techniques, and looking at award winning web site designs.

The result of which is the Evolution 2 design you are now looking at, which is the most visible aspect of the Evolution 2 upgrade of SA We hope all our visitors enjoy it.

SA Records Highest Ever Traffic Volumes

SA Rally

It is with great delight that we are able to report that for the month of June, we have recorded our highest ever traffic levels on SA!

For the month of June, as of yesterday, we have recorded 1437 unique visitors and 98531 hits. This may not sound like much, however with the egroup having only 350 current members, this gives SA four times the reach of the egroup.

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