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ARC 2WD Championship Poll Results


After two long weeks, and much interest, our 2WD Championship poll has concluded. And the winner is... Nissan 200SX! It seems most of our voters would like to see some sideways rear wheel drive action in next years ARC.

The 200SX was followed, deservingly, by the Honda Civic Type R, which in the hands of Guy Wilks set some sensational stage times in the recent ARC season finale in Coffs Harbour.

Our next poll is on the new ARC Eco Rally Championship, for showroom rally cars producing less than 150g/km of carbon emissions. Our voting selections are based on the Australian Government's Green Vehicle Guide, which indicated that only 5 cars sold in Australia since 2004 are eligible. So what would you like to compete in? Is there any interest in this new championship? Vote now!