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ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint Rally Results - SARC Update

Hi All,

We have received a withdrawal request from Gary Brown in the SARC section of the ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint Rally. This has been approved by the Chief Steward and Clerk of Course.

Here are the updated results, which are now final.

I have included both A4 and A3 versions.


Dave Rudham
Chief Scorer

2008ASPAdelaideHillsTarmacSprintRally-Results-A4.pdf28.74 KB
2008ASPAdelaideHillsTarmacSprintRally-Results-Penalties-A4.pdf24.11 KB
2008ASPAdelaideHillsTarmacSprintRally-Results-A3.pdf22.48 KB
2008ASPAdelaideHillsTarmacSprintRally-Results-Penalties-A3.pdf19.37 KB