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Clipsal 500 Adelaide Rally

Beasley/Browne at Clipsal 500 Adelaide Rally 2008

Adelaide crew John Beasley and Jeremy Browne have finished second outright
in the 2008 Clipsal 500 Adelaide Rally. Driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 4,
they finished close behind first place Warren Gainsmith and Jenny Cole in a
Nissan GTR. Third were Dominic Votano and Kim Votano in an Evo 9.

The 1100 km four day event features tricky road navigation, autotests and
speed events.

Fresh from a great Rally Tasmania win, Steve Glenney and Sam Sharman posted
some very quick times before relegated by clutch trouble, while previous
winners Doug Lehmann and Phil McLeay collected the Armco at Collingrove
Hillclimb to spoil their challenge.