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Clubs and licences

All potential competitors are advised to join a CAMS affiliated club which has road rallying as a predominant part or all of its core aims. There are a number of such clubs in South Australia. Take your time to attend a meeting of and talk to members in each club that interests you.

Why would you join a club? The clubs (usually a few dedicated members) provide the event organisation and operation that you need in order to be able to compete, together with the support and knowledge of the members.

You will need to join a CAMS affiliated club in order to purchase a CAMS licence of at least Level 2NS (NS for Non-Speed events).

Why would you pay for a CAMS licence?
Probably of most immediate interest and concern for you is that the CAMS Licence together with the Event Permit issued to the Event Organiser bring with them a basic emergency medical evacuation insurance cover.

Equally important is that the third party insurance which is part of the car registration fee may not be applicable when the car is used in any form of motor sport event and the CAMS licence fee is part of the financial structure which provides an alternate insurance cover for you.

A full description of what CAMS does is available on-line at and is well worth browsing.

Check with either the officers of your chosen club or with the local CAMS office about the regional requirements for participation.

Other licences
CAMS is not the only insurance facilitator so be aware that an organiser may have a suitable cover arranged with an alternate source such as AASA in which case you may need to have a licence from the alternate provider.