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Heat Forces Autocross Championships Postponement

Extreme heat has forced the postponement of the South Australian Autocross Championships, which were to be the first round of the 2008 South Australian Clubman Series.

With Adelaide in the middle of the worst heatwave on record for an Australian capital city and fire bans being enforced state-wide, organisers were left with no choice but to postpone the eagerly awaited event.

In 2007 both the SARC and SACS were forced to end prematurely when the ASP Southern Rally had to be canceled due to extreme heat. The extreme heat had forced fire bans to be put in place, and as such the forests were unaccessible.

Fortunately the 2008 Autocross Championships have been postponed, rather than canceled, and it is hoped they will be run on June 8.

As a result, this makes the first event of the 2008 season the new Tarrawatta Stages Rally, in the Murray Bridge area, on 26 April.