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Historic Rally Group

As well as the definition of what constitutes historic rally cars the historic regs go on to say that the purpose of this category is to emulate the rallying of these cars as far as possible. This suggests to me that a historic rally group should not only look to preserve and run cars in the period 1968-1981 but also to revive the conditions under which those cars were run during that time.

A chat to Garry Kirk the other night revealed he has bought a Mk2 Escort for just such a venture, saying yes he could add Webers and all that stuff but just for the sake of the budget he'd leave it pretty much alone and just wanted to drive it in events like we used to run 20 years ago when you went out for some fun on a Saturday night. I have also spoken to Ed Ordynski and he is keen to do something with his Datsun 1600 he has, which he revealed he would like to build up into a replica of his 1600 he had in the early 80's. Even Mark Nelson volunteered to navigate if Ed brought out the 1600!

A couple of other cars come to mind as well. Bruce Field's Mercedes, Reg Marrett's Escort, Leigh Stoke's Datsun 180B, Lyn Wilson's Alfa might just be allowed to run and just about any 1600,or pre '80 Escort, Galant, Mazda Rotary, Corolla around of course. Check out the full regs here

I'd like to know of any other people thinking about going historic gravel rallying so send me an email on [email protected] or phone for a chat 08 8357 3057 AH

Geoff Ninnes