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SA Rally Successfully Trials Live Coverage

IMG_9379 Glenney

At the recent ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint, successfully trialled two new initiatives designed to provide greater media coverage for SA Rallying. Autosport TV involved stage by stage in car video being uploaded to during the event, and SA Motorsport Tyres Instant Results saw results being sent direct to registered mobile phones. Both trials were considered successful.

Autosport TV saw 1,800 rally fans from across the globe tune in to see some of South Australia’s best drivers tackle the tarmac stages in three days, plus hundreds more tuned in via popular internet video sharing site YouTube. Comments were received from as far abroad as Kenya and the United States. Everyone was overwhelmingly positive about the trial.

The live video coverage was not without teething problems; however video was broadcast on within an hour of the first car commencing the ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint, testament to the dedicated team assembled for this event.

SA Motorsport Tyres Instant Results saw a small amount of competitors and spectators support the initial trial. Technical problems prevented results from being delivered to mobile phones as fast as was desired, however comments from those who signed up for the trial were also mostly positive.

“Autosport TV and SA Motorsport Tyres Instant Results both came together in about a week” explained manager Ryan Jones. “The fact that we were able to deliver these two services so successfully is really down to the support of our partners and those that helped on the day. The reaction from competitors and sponsors has been really encouraging, and we’d like to thank all those that have passed on feedback.”

This breakthrough would not be possible if it weren’t for the generous support of Autosport, SA Motorsport Tyres, Iles Selley Lawyers, RallyGraphix, Application Service Provider, Southern Vales Tinting and Accessories, and the ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint organising committee. Many thanks go to the team which was assembled for the day, including Michael Jenke, Dave Rudham and Deb Shorrock. Special thanks also go to all competitors which allowed us access to their in car cameras, and supported this trial.