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SARP Minutes - 2008

Hi all,

Here are the minutes for the SA Rally Panel from January to November 2008. Please note that SA Panel minutes are considered "Draft" until approved by the SA State Council (some still pending).

I've also now added the draft December minutes.


Dave Rudham
SARP Member

SARP-Minutes-2008-01.pdf34.06 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-02.pdf30.43 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-03.pdf33.01 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-04.pdf34.29 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-05.pdf152.71 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-06.pdf35.09 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-07.pdf33.91 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-08.pdf34.51 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-09.pdf36.74 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-10.pdf276.36 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-11.pdf253.16 KB
SARP-Minutes-2008-12.pdf203.92 KB