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Site features/Development

Hi all.

Obviously the site is undergoing major upgrades and construction at the moment, with my aim to be to complete development and deployment of one major feature every couple of days.

I'm eager to hear anyones suggestions/desires for features and improvements on the site. I welcome all constructive criticism and will work to improve it. Everything will get added to the development queue and be completed as time permits.


Some thoughts: Drop down

Some thoughts:

Drop down menus on the Header tabs again. Currently the navigation on the site is a tad clunky.

Move advertising boxes as it is appearing they are the site you are on "Sarally" is quite hidden away. Sarally should be top of page.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the suggestions.

Both are already in development, just have to get them finished!

The current skins (and associated menu system) are just temporary until the new skin is done. Shouldn't be too much longer.

If you have any more suggestions, let me know! Thanks!