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What is the most important issue to the SARC at the moment?



ralllying in SA

The loss of the "spirit of competition" - If there is a desire to go rallying it will happen.
If there is a group that want to compete it will happen whether for enjoyment, business, recreation (family), stress management etc- think how any activity happens - it starts from the will to compete, - the bottom line is that through regulations CAMS and state regulations its getting too hard and the "SPIRT" is being lost to other easier sports - eg drifting ,TV etc -
Car restriction in Cams regulations for example take away freedoms and its easier to go to a form of the sport where regulations allow more free spirit

- Australians are world renown inventors and freedom is what generates the "SPIRIT of Competition".

Look to the past and it will tell you the way to succeed - the future is lessons learnt from the past and dreams.