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What would you most like to see in SARC events?



Demanding roads with more

Demanding roads with more twists and turns. Reduce the use of 5th and 6th gear lengths of road.

In a recent poll on

In a recent poll on, 31% of respondents said that the biggest issue facing the SARC currently is events, be it more, less, better or worse. So what is it about the SARC events that needs improving? Have your say and help all involved improve rallying in SA!

SARC events under OTHER influences

The bulk of the issue is not necessary the format but to make the sport great again - ie fun and enjoyable and bring back the SPIRIT of Rallying and competition - bring back the club spirit - make controlling fun again - bring back night event. it doesnt matter long or short bring rallying back to earth - simplify and then rebuild back to a true championship with real trophies and prize money, sponsors products - dont spend all the money and effort on officialdom and boring the officials with paperwork. make the events to be proud of and give meaning to those that spend the hours and money into the sport - Rallying exists for the competitors and the supporters and should not be sterilized by paperwork. - get the balance of the sport better - friends and family and motor cars make up the sport!!!.