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Other event types

There are variations to these events such as those run by the South East Automobile Club (SEAC) which have some significant differences.

SEAC run events on closed forestry roads which could be regarded as a hybrid between a navigational road event and a special stage event. That makes them a 'trial' and the events are rather unique and apparently a heap of fun.

There is an allowance of 60 minutes mapping time and you can check your own maps with the event ones prior to starting. With 1000's of pine breaks, that mostly look the same, getting lost is not a particularly good option. There are far more roads in pine forests than you would ever find on an average topographic map used on the road rallies or trials, so the navigator MUST know exactly where they are ALL of the time.

All SEAC trials are timed to the second. Cars leave two minutes apart, sometimes three if there is a dust issue. Start positions are all drawn by a ballot, A graders first then B grade.

All of the maps used are photocopied forestry plan maps which don't give a lot of information, so drivers and navigators are always on their toes. There are no contour lines and maps can be inaccurate given that the roads are being updated all the time but Directors do their best to eliminate map errors.