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  • Car registration papers, civil drivers licences, competition licences, log book (if the car has one), car scrutineering forms.
  • Road cards, road books or instructions, 'get out of jail' envelopes, additional clue and instruction sheets handed out at controls.
  • Medical intervention insurance documents – make sure the event insurance coverage is adequate for you and if in doubt arrange private cover.
  • Supplementary Regulations and any amendments to these.
  • Entry receipt (you will have arranged the entry rather than rely on a forgetful driver).
  • Any maps or other items to purchase beforehand which are specified as required in the Supp Regs.
  • Add more as you discover a need.

A document folder within your overall kit for some of them, one easy access pocket on the front of the bag dedicated to the road card and envelopes while you are not using them in a section or division.

Remember that some of these if missing will mean the end of the event so treat all documentation as precious.