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2012 SARC Allocated Numbers


Attached is the first issue of the 2012 allocated competitor numbers for the SARC. Second and further issues of the allocated numbers may be made.

The allocated number database is managed by the South Australian Rally Panel, if you would like a adjustment to be made, or if you wish to request a specific number please contact the competitor liaison officer – Lewis Parin. Lewis’ contact details can be found in the 2012 Conditions of Rallying documents.

A final version of the allocated numbers will be published prior to the running of the Rallye Wattle Range.

Please ensure that the number you carry on your competition car is the number reflected in the allocated numbers document.

Also don’t forget the update to the PRC regulations, meaning all P5 cars first build prior to 1998 will now be classed as P6.

Version 1 of the document is attached –
2012 SARC Allocated Numbers v1 - 2.3.12.pdf

2012 SARC Allocated Numbers v1 - 2.3.12.pdf32.71 KB