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Difficult ECB Rally Calder for Day Day Racing

Day Day Racing at ECB Rally Calder

After the first four stages we were 6th outright and climbing with ever improving times. In stages 3 and 4 we were a couple seconds within the leader, the car felt brilliant following the off-season upgrades. We all worked great as a team as per usual, with Steve Glenney (co-driver/mentor) and I always discussing and trying things within the cabin improving driving styles and times. Needless to say how brilliant and enthusiastic to rest of the Family/team were too.

Stage 5 was the longest of the event, which included gravel from the start then into the Thunder Dome, and then out on to the Calder race circuit. For those that don't know, the Thunder Dome is an ex-Nascar/Auscar circuit with a very steep sweeping corner at either end of the track. The long straight and the following steep corner really tested the Subaru’s fuel system, it seems that the angle of the corner and amount of fuel was just enough for the car to run but not enough fuel was being delivered during that period of time, leading to melting two pistons.

So our rally was much shorter than planned, but we finished our weekend satisfied with the car and it’s performance otherwise. One thing we are certainly grateful for is the Zircotec Heat Coating on the Extractors, without this the small engine bay fire after the engine failure would have started earlier and resulted in damage to the components and bonnet etc.

The next round is in Busselton W.A. at the end of March, for this event we intend to install the 34mm Turbo restrictor and contest the P5 category plus the RallySchool Junior Challenge. The truck leaves here in 2 weeks so we have a lot of work and testing to carry out before then, including a Mallala test day on the 15th.

Thanks to the Rally Calder Team for putting on such an Awesome event, a fantastic mix of all driving styles and very well laid out too, we look forward to Rally Calder 2013!