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An Open Letter to the Rally Community

Team McGough Photography - 2008 Classic Adelaide Prologue - Car 300-1

To all Rally People.

Some of you may or may not have seen the story on Classic Adelaide (Silverstone Events) collapsing on the 7 news last night, and soon to be on both Ch 10 and Ch 7.

It probably leaves more questions than it answers, but I thought would be good to send out some information to at least as many of our hard working officials and all other rally people as possible.

Here are some facts of the situation -

  • David Edwards is the owner of Silverstone Events which runs the Classic Adelaide Rally.
  • None of the organizing committee (R.A.G.) have had their costs covered or money paid for the 2009 event (including myself)
  • There are MANY other suppliers of goods and services to the event that have not been paid for the 2009 event.
  • The phones at the Silverstone events office have been disconnected for the last few weeks or so. Messages/emails have not been responded to
  • There is no one there, and the office is locked.
  • I have been told that there are several dozen competitors who have paid the entry for the 2010 event who are now seriously concerned that they have lost their money.

Removalist’s vehicles were yesterday moving all of David Edwards’ furniture and belongings out of his city house (unknown destination) and he is not answering his mobile phone.

As a senior official of the rally over many years it deeply saddens me that all of the hard work, dedication and passion of the 800 officials of the rally has been disrespected in this way. The visionary group of people that created Classic Adelaide 13 years ago must be truly dismayed. The event deserved a better finale than this.

However all may not be lost. Despite Silverstone Events actions, Classic Adelaide is still a very popular rally that has great support from many people. As a result it appears that there may be a few interested parties out there who are considering stepping in and taking over the running of the event. Although it may face some fundamental changes, we may see the event live on.

Hopefully this will not be my last communication to you as Clerk of Course, but if it is, I personally thank each and every one of you for your help, friendship, hard work and dedication.

Hope to work with you again soon!
Ivar Stanelis