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So You Think You Can Drive?

Mitsubishi's Simulators

One of the star attractions at recent motor shows around Australia has been Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evolution rally simulators. Uniquely Australia’s best simulators, that recreate the rally driving experience with more authenticity than you would have thought possible.

Thanks to MITSUBISHI MOTORS AUSTRALIA LIMITED, they will also be a star attraction at the super special stage at Angaston on the Friday and Saturday nights of the upcoming SPRINT AUTO PARTS RALLY SA, which will run from July 31st to August 2nd.

They are two rally car replicas that sit side-by-side, with two 65 inch bonnet-mounted HD Plasma displays. The experience is very realistic, right down to the inclusion of in car camera’s. The cars are each using the Sony PlayStation Grand Turismo 5 Prologue game in exactly the same seats, surroundings and even the same Momo steering wheels used by the likes of WRC driver Harry Rovanperra in the Mitsubishi works team.

Sitting behind the driver’s wheel gives players a virtual reality experience of being on a rally stage as the seats vibrate and shake in synch with the action, and an explosive sound system helps to re-create the experience of being in a real rally car as you race against the clock.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the entire simulation set-up is that the entire driver input is done via the existing controls in the vehicles – the same non-slip rally brake, clutch and accelerator pedals that Harry Rovanperra uses are those you’re pumping away at, the steering input and force feedback has been built into the steering column and even the handbrake works so you can back it into corners in absolutely realistic fashion. So everything is authentic – the cars look exactly the same as a current Mitsubishi Evo and perform accordingly, right down to the feel and position of the clutch and brake pedals the take-up of the handbrake and the blast of air blown into your face so you don’t expire from overheating as you muscle the car around and that’s because all the controls are the real thing.

Rally Director Ivar Stanelis said "this is a great addition to the carnival atmosphere and colour already present at Angaston, and I am sure the spectators there will enjoy free access to this great set-up - just about the ultimate big boys toy, open to all. Thank you very much to Mitsubishi."

Mitsubishi Corporate Affairs Director, Rob Chadwick, noted " We are really pleased to be able to help the organisers of the SPRINT AUTO PARTS RALLY SA in this way, and I am confident that all spectators that participate will get a lot of enjoyment out of the simulators, and MITSUBISHI MOTORS AUSTRALIA LIMITED will gain valuable exposure."

Who knows maybe some of our ARC drivers might get some practice before the Pedders No bull Shootout!

The Angaston Super Special stages will be held at the Angas Recreation Park on Friday July 31st, and Saturday August 1st For ticket prices and bookings, see