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Some Old Faces Return To Rallying

This year's Classic Adelaide sees the return to the rallying scene of "Team Kevin".. the old partnership of Kevin Noel and Kevin Kidsley....

After quite a few years break, the pair have teamed up to run, not a Commodore, nor a Nissan Sylvia, but a brand new BMW Z4 Roadster, supported by Halewood Pacific and Adelaide BMW.

According to Kevin Noel, the tour category of the event is a perfect way to get back in the groove, after a long break away from the sport. The format of the event will provide the perfect setting to try out the features of the newly released machine, which has received rave reviews from the motoring press world-wide.

"I'm looking forward to seeing exactly how the electronic adaptive-suspension, and 6 speed, paddle-shift gearbox work on the closed roads. It should be a lot of fun!", he concluded.

Enthusiasts will have plenty of time to check out the car, and talk to the team, at the morning tea and lunch breaks during the event, as well as at the Gouger Street and Norwood Parade Street Parties on Friday, and Saturday evenings.