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Rallying & Officiating Firmly On CAMS' Radar


Following a number of recent comments in the media querying CAMS' position on rallying and its National Officiating Program (NOP), CAMS CEO Graham Fountain today reaffirmed the organisation's commitment to club level motor sport.

"CAMS fully appreciates a number of frustrations expressed by various members of the motor sport community with regard to rallying and officiating and we are currently progressing resolution to a number of these issues."

"We are reviewing the application of official's licences and the Compliance Checker process, as well as simplifying and streamlining arrangements at all levels of the sport. Motorkhana organisers are already benefiting from the more user friendly Safe Event Package which has alleviated the need for a Compliance Checker at this type of event and has been developed to assist event organisers in meeting their risk management, health and safety obligations in a more practical and simplified manner."

These issues will be explored directly with the rally fraternity in more detail throughout February and March with senior Australian Rally Commission representatives facilitating a series of open workshops in each state. Members from all levels of the rally community are encouraged to attend these workshops to allow their issues and concerns to be heard and factored into ARCom's Strategic Plan.

CAMS is also continuing the process of rolling out a number of initiatives arising from the NOP Review. One of the key drivers for change within the Program was the need to facilitate club level activity and this is being implemented through a number of threads.

"The introduction of the Club Chief licence has made the process of accreditation simpler for officials participating as the Clerk of the Course or Chief Steward for the majority of club and multi-club events," added Fountain.

"We also acknowledge that some clubs are facing difficulties in arranging training opportunities for their officials, particularly in regional areas, and in 2008 we will be targeting regional areas to improve the number of Course Presenters and Event Assessors. This will in part be facilitated by the recognition of tertiary education and assessment qualifications for the Event Assessor Endorsement and the development and implementation of a more practical skills recognition process to capture and acknowledge previous experience and skills.

"These changes will continue to enable clubs to become more self-reliant in the management and safe conduct of their motor sport events."

State Officiating Panels will continue to support the Member Services administrative function and play an important role in the licence upgrade process to ensure that an official's experience matches the accreditation level granted.

CAMS is also investing heavily in the marketing of the NOP including the development of an officials recruitment display and promotional brochures which are available for club use, and a media package to attract new officials into the sport. This will coincide with the introduction of a high quality range of apparel exclusive for CAMS accredited officials. Initial steps are also being undertaken to investigate the introduction of an officials licence hard card with a coloured lanyard as part of the overall package.

"This is a period of significant change for CAMS and whilst some of this will take time to embed within the organisation, we are working hard to identify short term improvements that we can easily implement."

"Obviously there will be some hiccups along the way but with the support of people at all levels, I'm confident we can overcome these and move towards increased participation and enjoyment for all concerned including event organisers, competitors, officials, spectators and more importantly families," concluded Fountain.