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Rally Forums A Step In The Right Direction


ARCom Chairman, Colin Trinder, today expressed how encouraged he has been by the reception from the Australian rally community and constructive feedback received from ARCom's consultative forums held during February.

He identified officials licencing, shortening lines of communication, reducing and simplifying bureaucracy, empowerment at the local and regional levels of the sport and fostering opportunities for diversity in grass roots motor sport as the key themes emerging from the forums.

Dramatic Reforms Proposed For Future Of ARC


The Australian Rally Commission has been asked to consider a range of substantial changes to the Australian Rally Championship by Chairman, Colin Trinder. The reform plan is aimed at drastically reducing overall costs of participation, creating a new competition and adopting a new formula for standard production rally cars.

Trinder said that "the reforms are big picture at this stage - focusing mainly on reducing participation costs in the ARC for privateer, state and club level participants."

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