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SA Welcomes Support from SA Motorsport Tyres

SA Motorsport Tyres

SA Rally would like to welcome the support of new sponsor, SA Motorsport Tyres.

SA Motorsport Tyres is the place to go for your tyres and wheels, stocking a wide range of Silverstone Competition Tyres and Braid Race & Rally Wheels. They have solutions for competition, race, rally and drift, as well as for street usage. They can also provide mobile fitting, tyre grooving, setup support, and support at the track and rallies.

For more information call Mark Povey on 0409 288 380, or visit

Mark said he was impressed with the efforts going into SA Rally, and the volume of traffic. Deb from Southern Vales Tinting and Accessories said her ad paid for itself within the second week. We ask that you support those businesses that support rallying in South Australia.

The team at SA Rally will go out of their way to ensure that you meet your advertising goals and receive value for your advertising spend. Your advertising income goes directly to covering the site costs, and helping us promote rallying in South Australia. SA Rally has now recorded over 1800 unique visitors for the month of June, and over 140,000 hits. This is an increase of 52% in unique visitors from May, the previous high, and hits are up 50% on May.

All enquiries regarding SA Rally, and all advertising enquiries, should be directed to Ryan, 0410 131 658 or Contact Us.