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Henry Lawson Supp Regs - 17th July 2010

Henry Lawson Trial

Hi all,

On Saturday the 17th July 2010, the Rallysport Club of SA will be running the SA Rally Clubman Round/Intro Rally at the Tailem Bend Motorsport Complex to be known as the Henry Lawson Memorial Rally

52 Kilometers of quality and challenging roads laid down by Mitsubishi on both dirt and tarmac

Clubman Entry Fee $210
Intro Fee (4 hours - cars without roll over protection) $175

Some Key Features not always available at other Clubman venues;
1) Minimal Road Transport on Private Property, No vehicle registration required
2) On site scrutineering on the day in enclosed 4 bay workshop
3) Easy to follow road book and FIA style route arrows
4) Tarmac, Gravel and Grass surface that is unique for this type of event
5) Centralized servicing
6) On site hot food catering provided
7) Easy to get to venue
8) Relaxed timing and atmosphere
9) Plenty of service time
10) A short but sharp event with results available on completion

Some roads were used in the Geoff and Ted's excellent adventure.

If you're interested in having a run, please contact Mark Scrymgour on 0419 824 114, or Reg Marratt, 0418 861 784 or June Bunker 0409 817 363

Supp Regs are on the event website:

If you cannot compete, please be an official for the day.


Dave Rudham