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Night racing coming to Adelaide as $10 million of exotic race cars out to play under lights at the Adelaide Showgrounds

Adelaide's Kevin Weeks won in Adelaide in 2011 in his 1974 Porsche 911 RS.

The new season of the CAMS Australian Targa Championship will be kick started with a new stage under lights at the Adelaide Showgrounds on Wednesday, August 22.

Supaloc Targa Adelaide will bring night time car racing to the heart of city, allowing motorsport fans to see a spectacular show of modern and classic cars on a technically challenging three kilometre stage.

The stage, known as the Intercontinental Night Stage, will officially start the event. The night will also include a Targa Expo inside the Goyder Pavilion, providing the whole family a great night out, and give everyone free ‘pit access’ after the stage.

Supaloc Targa Adelaide then continues across four days on the roads in the hills around Adelaide, before finishing back in the heart of the city in Gouger St on Sunday lunchtime.

In a course specifically designed for spectators, the field of over 150 cars will pass the main grandstand area two times, providing an up-close viewing of a diverse range of cars that represents around 80 years of automotive history.

The value of the cars entered, that will include two of the latest Italian supercars – the Lamborghini Gallardo valued at over $600,000 each - is conservatively placed at over $10 million.

Championship Director, Mark Perry, says the new night stage is the perfect way to start the season.

“This is something new for a Targa event and it is the first time that a major CAMS national championship will get underway, under lights, in the heart of Adelaide, potentially years before the city sees a night V8 race,” Perry said.

“The course is designed so that we will see up to 10 cars on the stage together at any one time, a first for any Targa event and a format sure to provide plenty of action.

“Last series Jason White won in his Lamborghini, but in Adelaide Kevin Weeks is going to run his Lamborghini as well, which will make it pretty special.

“These are extraordinary cars that bellow out large flames and both Weeks and White are very skilful drivers. They’ll put on an incredible show.

“The changes we have made this year are designed to further build Supaloc Targa Adelaide as a major sporting event for South Australia.

“The addition of modern cars in 2012 will bolster the field. It’s a day longer than in 2011 and the night stage makes it unique in Australia.

“The feedback we have had from some of the leading competitors about this new night stage is terrific. Adelaide is uniquely placed to be able to offer a national championship the chance to compete under lights within a few kilometres of the CBD.”

Winner of last year’s Adelaide event, when it was a round of the classic championship only, Kevin Weeks, is looking forward to getting his Lamborghini out of the garage and back on a Targa stage.

“With two Lamborghinis going head to head, plus a range of other top cars driven by some of the greats of Australian motorsport, like Jim Richards, this promises to be a fantastic week of motorsport for fans and for Adelaide,” Weeks said.

The event starts at the Exhibition Centre on Wednesday night, with cars then tackling 235 competitive kilometres across 30 stages across the next four days, finishing back at Gouger Street on Sunday around 2pm.