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What is Rallying?

Well, if you've found this site, you should have some idea of what rallying is. It is one of the most team-oriented forms of motorsport currently being conducted, where both driver and co-driver/navigator work together and experience the thrill of competition.

South Australian rallies are traditionally run on unsealed roads and can range from club tracks through to shire roads and closed public roads. However tarmac rallies, such as the Adelaide Hills Tarmac Sprint or Classic Adelaide, are growing in popularity.

Rallies vary between navigational events, where the emphasis is on map reading and accurate navigation rather than the highest speed, route charted events where crews are provided with a road book containing the course information, or pace noted events where crews are provided with a road book they can use to cover the course prior to the event making additional notes.

How do I get involved?
So, it sounds good does it? Thinking about getting involved but not sure how to go about it, well its very easy, there are three different ways.

Go and have a look
Spectating is the best way to get started, as it helps you work out which kind of motorsport you would like to get involved in. Rallies are held regularly, from grass roots motorkhanas to South Australian or Australian Rally Championship events. To find out when the next event is, have a look at our events page.

Join a Club
If you want to continue down the path of rallying, and you've well and truly got the bug, the next step is to join a club. Clubs are the backbone of the sport, running events and holding regular meetings for motorsport-minded people. These clubs are a fantastic source of information, where you can meet people who are more than happy to help newcomers get involved. Many clubs also run come and try days, allowing you to experience first hand the excitement of rallying. For information on the various clubs in SA, check out our car clubs page, and attend a couple of meetings to find the right club for you.

Become an Official
Want to get involved, but can't afford the cost of competing? Then becoming an official is a good option, and as the old saying goes, "officials get the best view". Volunteering as an official at club-level events is the best way to learn how rallying actually works, and officiating at an event is now compulsory for all state championship competitors. To find out more about becoming an official, contact your local club, or read more at the CAMS web site.

Competition is without a doubt where you get the most excitement, either as a driver or co-driver/navigator. The cost of competing varies according to the level you compete at. Traditional club level events offer both beginners and juniors a terrific starting point to learn about car control in a lower risk, lower cost environment, high excitement environment. With a basic CAMS licence and your everyday road car, almost anyone can compete in different types of club level events.

Want more information?
If you want more information, or what answers to the dozens of questions you surely have by now, try the following resources: Forums - Here you will find like minded people who you can ask questions and gather information from, and is a good first stop.

Your local car club - By going to your local car club there will be a variety of people who are involved in motorsport in different ways, from competitors to spectators and officials who you can ask about getting involved. They will be more than happy to help you.

Good luck on your rallying journey, we're sure you'll have a great time. And please remember, motorsport is dangerous. Please follow officials directions.