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2011 SARC and SACS Provisional Results


Congratulations to Russel Marker & Karien Heimsohn, and Michael Busby & Brendan Dearman/Chris Edmondson for winning the 2011 SARC and SACS respectively.

Congratulations also to our other place getters in the SARC and other championships:

2nd SARC - Matt Selley & Claire Ryan
3rd SARC - James Rodda & Marcus Piristi

2nd SACS - Triston Casey
3rd SACS - Ross Kingham & Wayne Casey

1st - Steve Winwood Award (2WD) - Michael Busby
1st - McLeod Medal - Andrew Burnard

1st N4 SARC - Russel Marker & Karien Heimsohn
1st P2 SARC - Michael Busby & Nadia Kingham
1st P5 SARC - James Rodda & Marcus Pristi
1st P6 SARC - Gary Brown & Mike Dale

1st P2 SACS - Michael Busby & Chris Edmondson
1st P4 SACS - Triston Casey & Wayne Casey
1st P5 SACS - Mark Povey & Brendan Dearman
1st P6 SACS - Paul Rowe & Leigh Stokes

1st SATRC - Matthew Sims & Dennis Sims
2nd SATRC - Matt Selley & Claire Ryan
3rd SATRC - Andrew Burnard & Tim Margarch

1st SA Autocross Championship - James Rodda
2nd SA Autocross Championship - Lewis Parin
3rd SA Autocross Championship - Guy Tyler

These scores have been calculated based on those people who have advised me they have completed their mandatory officiating, if you have completed your officiating, but not yet advised me, you have until 8pm Thursday 3rd November to notify me. Please email to [email protected] to advise if you have completed your mandatory officiating.

Don't forget that the ticket sales for the 2011 SA Rally Dinner close on the 18th November, and that trophies for all these positions and many more will be awarded on the night, along with celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the SARC. Without your support this event can not go ahead.

Thanks again to all of our events in 2011, ASP Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally, Copyworld Walky 100 Robertstown Rally, Scouts Rally SA, ASP Kuitpo Forest Rally, SA Autocross Championship & Keyworks Locksmiths Henry Lawson Memorial Rally, along with their directors and organising committees, other officials, sponsors, competitors & spectators.

Finally a MASSIVE Thankyou to the SARC Series sponsors, Scouts Rally SA (, Task Forklifts (, Peter Cochrane Transport (, Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally (, Racecam ( & Autosport ( Please ensure that you support these businesses as they support our championship.

2011 SARC Driver - Provisional.pdf50.4 KB
2011 SARC Co-Driver - Provisional.pdf45.17 KB
2011 SARC -Class -Driver - Provisional.pdf42.15 KB
2011 SARC -Class - Co-Driver - Provisional.pdf42.98 KB
2011 SACS -Driver.pdf41.73 KB
2011 SACS -Co-Driver.pdf40.08 KB
2011 SACS -Class -Driver.pdf39.45 KB
2011 SACS -Class -Co-Driver.pdf37.35 KB